The Secret Around-The-World Adventures of Owney, The Postal Dog

2014 DEBUT The Secret Around-The-World Adventures of Owney, The Postal Dog
Book Author(s) David Montgomery, Marcelo Vital
Publisher Independent
Book List Price N/A
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Writer Marcelo Vital and artist David Montgomery have brought to life for the first time in comic format the secret adventures of one of history’s most celebrated dog in a richly illustrated graphic novel of historical fiction, fun for all ages.

Owney was a real-life mutt from Albany, New York who was strangely enamored with mail. He was a fixture at the local post office in the early 1890s (that’s more than 800 dog years ago!). In time, he started following his beloved mailbags across the country, traveling on mail wagons and in mail cars of locomotives. His greatest trip was in 1895, when he actually traveled all the way around the world! After this astounding feat, Owney would be forever known as the “greatest dog traveler in the world!!”

This new graphic novel reveals what would have happened if Owney had made some unexpected detours during his travels abroad. It’s a story with adventure, history, humor and heart, suitable for all ages.

142 pgs