The Sixsmiths vol.02 Ashcan

2013 DEBUT The Sixsmiths vol.02 Ashcan
Book Author(s) Jason Franks
Publisher SLG Publishing
Book List Price $3
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Aschan preview for The Sixsmiths vol.02.

The Sixsmiths are finding their feet again, but the troubles of the Albert Hills Satanic Congregation are only just beginning. Dennis finds that his conversion to the Wicked Folk does not deliver him the coolness he has so long dreamed about, and Jezabelle’s reignited faith threatens to burn the community to the ground.

At SPX 2013 Jason Franks will be debuting this first-chance preview for  the long-awaited concluding volume to The Sixsmiths. Written by Jason Franks, with interior art by Dean Rankine, Bobby N., Bruce Mutard, Jase Harper, Ed Siemienkowicz, Jan Scherpenhuizen and more!