The Strumpet 5

2017 DEBUT The Strumpet 5
Book Author(s) Ellen Lindner and Glynnis Fawkes, editors
Publisher The Strumpet
Book List Price 15.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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The Strumpet is a transatlantic annual focusing on women telling stories in comics, edited by cartoonists Ellen Lindner and Glynnis Fawkes (as well as, in prior issues, editrix emeritae Jeremy Day and Kripa Joshi).

Despite ENORMOUS progress made by women in comics in the last two decades, we still feel that there’s a bit of a lag between the number of women we know who are doing comics (a lot) and those who are getting published regularly (not always a lot).

The theme for this issue is Origin Stories, and our artists have dug deep! The’ve answered questions like, where did you come from? How did the stuff you love or hate begin? How did we get *here* (particularly relevant in this year of massive political change)? Renaissances and re-inventions of all kind are also on view, from all over the world.

Artists for this issue include (but are not limited to!):

Patrice Aggs **** Emma Burleigh **** Fran Chang  **** Jamaica Dyer  ****

Glynnis Fawkes **** Jenny Goldstick ****Jennifer Hayden****

Becky Hawkins****The Surreal McCoy **** Ellen Lindner  ****

Danny Noble ****Ginny Skinner **** Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom ****

Bishakh Som **** Rachel Yelding  **** Kriota Willberg **** Rosy Wilson