The Super Wizard Returns

2016 DEBUT The Super Wizard Returns
Book Author(s) Joey Peters
Publisher Super Wizard Universe
Book List Price $15
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Seventy years ago a mad alien god descended on the Earth to mete out frankly bizarre justice, the Super Wizard Stardust. Along the way he picked up an army of sidekicks, a human consort and tortured criminals in inventive and deranged ways. All too soon he grew bored with our world and decided to take his girlfriend, Rosemary, on a journey to see the greatest wonders in the universe.

Now, however, she has grown homesick and the time has come to return to the Earth. Stardust must face the consequences of what he did unthinkingly decades ago; the villains he mutated into monstrous forms, the technology he left behind, and the era of mad heroism he left in his wake.