The Well-Dressed Bear Will (Never) Be Found, Book 1

2013 DEBUT The Well-Dressed Bear Will (Never) Be Found, Book 1
Book Author(s) Jarod Rosello
Publisher Bien Vestido
Book List Price $3.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
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The Well-Dressed Bear has been receiving a lot of misdialed calls lately from a woman seeking a man named Jonathan. It started when he got a new phone in his apartment. As he investigates this phenomenon, the authorities discover there is a bear living amongst humans, and embark on a violent bear-hunt to catch him and remove him. Finding this to be his only opportunity to evade authorities in a heavily surveilled society, he adopts the identity of Jonathan–human mask and all–and embarks on a search for what it means to exist in a place you don’t belong. This mini-comic prints the first three parts of this twelve-part narrative.

36 pages/black and white/4.25″x5.5″