Three Dark Secrets

2016 DEBUT Three Dark Secrets
Book Author(s) Sam Costello (writer), John Bivens (artist)
Publisher Split Lip
Book List Price $8
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Fans of the spooky, the eerie, the dark, and the creepy take note. We have what you need to get in the mood for Halloween. Three Dark Secrets collects the three stories illustrated by John Bivens for the award-winning horror anthology, Split Lip. Bivens has recently made a name for himself with his work on Spread and Dark Engine, both published by Image. Three Dark Secrets features:

  • The Voice of Celia Darling: At the dawn of the sound age in Hollywood, star of silent film Celia Darling has a problem: her horrible-sounding voice. She is certain the coming of sound will ruin her career, until a man joins her studio who just may have the occult power to help her.
  • Fitcher’s Bird: In this variant of the classic Bluebeard legend, a wizard forbids his peasant wife from looking in one room in their house. When she does, she learns a dark secret that has deadly consequences.
  • Se Perdre: In post-World War 2 Paris, a newly married man mysteriously disappears, leaving his wife to search a strange city for him. But is he gone—or was he ever there at all?


72 pages, B&W, 6×9 softcover