2013 DEBUT Traumstadtdenken
Book Author(s) Rupert Bottenberg
Publisher Éditions TRIP
Book List Price $12
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Winner of the Bédélys for best independant comic in Quebec in 2013.

Traumstadtdenken (a German neologism of Rupert Bottenberg’s own concoction, meaning “Dream-City-Thinking,”) is a collection of various comix, drawings and other odds ’n’ ends from the last 10 years, supplemented by recent work that serves as a sort of “connective tissue” — the book’s pages are not numbered as it is intended to follow a coherent flow, every page connecting to the next in obvious and not-so-obvious ways leading the reader through a strange but clearly intentioned journey from the first page to the last.
“Wonderfully psychedelic, high-contrast worlds within worlds. Three-eyed letter Es and giggle-inducing comics. What more could you ask for?!” – Kid Koala