Trying Not To Notice

2016 DEBUT Trying Not To Notice
Book Author(s) Will Dinski
Publisher 2dcloud
Book List Price 12.95
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Will Dinski’s long-awaited return to long-form comics following 2010’s Finger Prints sees not only a dramatic shift in style, but approach to storytelling as well. Focusing on the meteoric rise of a stand-up comedian as told by the people in his orbit, Dinski’s ability to create a layered, nuanced narrative is in top form with Trying Not to Notice.

“Dinski is an astute observer of the human condition, transcribing our fears, anxieties, delusions and desperation in his every line, taking care to remind us of the humor that can be found in one’s ongoing struggle with the myriad impediments inherent in our species.”  — Joshua W. Cotter