Turbo Drome [No Way Out -part 2/2]

2014 DEBUT Turbo Drome [No Way Out -part 2/2]
Book Author(s) Electric Pick
Publisher Clandestine Republic Ltd.
Book List Price $20.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://clandestinerepublic.com


Set in a lawless, post-apocalyptic Hong Kong overrun by zombie bankers, gangsters and ruthless opportunists, Turbo Drome [No Way Out – part 1 and 2] follows the saga of an all-girl minibus street-racing gang, the Go Turbos, who are unwillingly thrust into the perilous task of taking down the treacherous new boss of a local triad society in an epic, ultra-violent, turbo-charged race to the end of the world.

Follow the Go Turbos as they speed through Hong Kong’s maze of overlapping highways and perilous alleys battling ruthless rival gangs in a race to the death in this two part miniseries written and beautifully hand-painted by Electric Pick.

Turbo Drome [No Way Out -part 2]


48 pages

25 x 25 cm

Full colour

ISBN: 978-988-16928-4-9

Published by Clandestine Republic Ltd.