Tyranny of the Muse #4

2016 DEBUT Tyranny of the Muse #4
Book Author(s) Eddie Wright (Writer), Dave Chisholm (Artist)
Publisher Alternative Comics
Book List Price 5
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://eddie-wright.com


“Incredible. Delves into the reality of writer’s block and brings it to terrifying life.” – Kurtis J. Wiebe, creator of Rat Queens

“If you’re the kind of reader who, after experiencing one of Grant Morrison’s more ‘out there’ writings, say ‘You know, I need something even more weird’ try Tyranny of the Muse.” – Aintitcool News

“…brilliant, a raw and honest piece… -Valerie D’Orazio

“Eddie Wright’s futuristic take on a very prevalent, modern-day affliction is ambitious and promising…” – ComiXology

Frank Fisher is nothing, but he wants to be something more. When a mysterious, chain-smoking “muse” named Bonnie offers assistance by injecting actual seeds of inspiration directly into his brain through a festering wound, his world is changed forever. Follow Frank and Bonnie on a surreal, bizarre, and darkly hilarious adventure through their messy lives as they search for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world.

In this issue: We check in with Frank before he met Bonnie. He has a toothache and a run-in with an intense mailman. While Bonnie deals with her old boyfriend.