Unclean Spirits

2015 DEBUT Unclean Spirits
Book Author(s) Jeanne D'Angelo
Publisher Seventh Church Ministries
Book List Price $20
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site https://seventhchurchministries.wordpress.com/publications/unclean-spirits-by-jeanne-dangelo/


Unclean Spirits is an art zine based on the short horror stories of Nikolai Gogol. 15 vivid full color images reproduced from original paintings by Jeanne D’Angelo including a fold out centerfold with accompanying excerpts from the original text, screen printed covers and hand torn edges.  Bloodthirsty witches, scheming wizards, screaming ghouls, sad ghosts, mischievous devils, haunted churches, ancient evils, grasping skeletal hands, sinister gazes, strange flowers, avenging knights, and eerie places!  30 pages 5.5″ X 8.5″