“Unhealthy”: Two Stories Of Mental Health And Body Image

2019 DEBUT “Unhealthy”: Two Stories Of Mental Health And Body Image
Book Author(s) Sarah Winifred Searle, Abby Howard
Publisher Self-published
Book List Price $10
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site https://topatoco.com/collections/abby-howard


“Unhealthy” contains two comic essays from people who’ve always been told their bodies don’t look healthy enough, and have mentally and physically damaged themselves in the pursuit of looking “healthier”. Ignatz-nominated cartoonist Sarah Winifred Searle recounts how she’d sabotage her body by intentionally eating food that would make her sick, and discusses her ongoing attempts to build a kinder relationship with food and allow herself happiness. Cartoonist Abby Howard sought out a calorie-counting program and started down a path of pika and point-saving which ultimately led to a lifelong struggle with bulimia. It’s an ongoing battle, but both want to share with people what it truly is to be “Unhealthy”.