Welcome to Chinatown

2014 DEBUT Welcome to Chinatown
Book Author(s) Feifei Ruan
Publisher Feifei Ruan
Book List Price $10
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site http://www.feifeiruan.com


Ming is a 9-year-old student. He was born in America and grew up in Chinatown. Ming\’s father Chan is a single parent who raised Ming by running a barbershop in Chinatown. However, Ming is on bad terms with his father because of Chan\’s gambling habit. After owing a large amount of debt, Chan is caught by the local kingpin, Mo. The mobsters thought they also caught Ming, but they actually took Kevin — Ming\’s American classmate who was just dropping by. On his way to rescue Chan and Kevin, Ming is stopped by a menacing woman who suddenly appears and demands to see his father…