Welcome to Typhon, a SAYER comic

2017 DEBUT Welcome to Typhon, a SAYER comic
Book Author(s) Adam Bash, Jim Lawson, Colin Panetta
Publisher Mysterious Transmissions
Book List Price $7
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site http://colinpanetta.com


Anna Cordero travels through space to Typhon, the man-made second moon of Earth. There she tours Ærolith Dynamics and learns about her ominous new assignment there.

Prequel comic to narrative sci-fi/ horror/ comedy podcast SAYER (“If HAL from 2001 had a podcast”), funded by SAYER’s Patreon backers. Written by SAYER creator Adam Bash, pencilled by Mirage Studios vet Jim Lawson, with breakdowns and inks by Colin Panetta.