West Side – Part One

2019 DEBUT West Side – Part One
Book Author(s) Tom Daly
Publisher Tom Daly Art
Book List Price $10.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site tomdalyart.com


Set in New York City in 1980. When two Irish Westies gang members, Jonny and Danny, kill a Jewish businessman in the Garment District, their communities collide amidst a now-vanished New York—a feral grid lined with oversize cars, paved in trash, and mottled by disfigured phone booths. Jonny is a closeted gay man pursuing power out of desperation, and Danny is a WWII orphan using brute force to protect the family he’s created. These differences trigger a fault line in their relationship, which mirrors the city’s factions as they fiercely compete to stay alive in a world enveloped by a tidal wave of change.

This is part one of a 200 page graphic novel that is being serialized in six parts.

Printed on beautiful, heavy stock paper. 48 pages.