2015 DEBUT Winners
Book Author(s) Anna Ehrlemark
Publisher Floating World Comics
Book List Price $14.95
All-Ages Appropriate No
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WINNERS is the debut short collection by Swedish artist Anna Ehrlemark. Anna Ehrlemark is well known in Eastern Europe for her unconventional, twisted narratives and her striking visual style. Her comics explore feminist, queer, anti-capitalist themes and she has been published by the Balkan collectives Stripburger, Fijuk, and Komikaze. WINNERS collects 128 pages of her stories about family, nostalgia, chance, witchcraft, sex, abstinence, economy, and revenge. Science fiction in a future that is already old.
“There are certain artists that work and exist along the ridges of cultural plates, belonging to neither and all. They act as connective tissue, between different cultures, in this ever-crumbling world. I could not think of a better example of this than Anna Ehrlemark.” –From the afterword by Nina Bunjevac (Fatherland).
Anna Ehrlemark is a comic artist, illustrator and linguist. She lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, but used to draw and work out of Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. Her work has been published across Europe, notably in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, France and Sweden. She is one of the hands behind the Novo Doba festival in Belgrade, Serbia, and a spider in the Fijuk network of comic artists around the Adriatic sea.