You Approach a Dark Manor

2015 DEBUT You Approach a Dark Manor
Book Author(s) Tait Howard, Trevor Henderson
Publisher Self-published
Book List Price $10.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
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A terrifying, thrilling journey through an ancient house filled with twisting hallways, winding staircases, and unimaginable horrors.

You Approach A Dark Manor is a haunted house zine curated by Tait Howard and Trevor Henderson which leads the reader from the front door of a mysterious mansion, up to its tallest tower and deep into its darkest dungeons.  Each page depicts a different room in the house imagined by one of 50+ amazing artists including-

Madeline Rupert, Sam Heimer, Matthew Seely, Jared Morgan, Falynn Koch, Mais2, Aubrey Aiese,Kendall Goode, Penny Candy, Sabrina Elliott, Jordan Rosenberg, Sabrina Parolin, Hilary AustinJeanne D’Angelo, Jenn Woodall, Paulina Ganucheau, Richie Pope, Rachel MillarGillian Blekkenhorst, Amanda Potter, Natali Koromoto, Coleman Engle, Mary Verhoeven, Carter Pierce,Alan Brown, Michael Bukowski, Jackie Lewis, Rich Daley, Dalton Rose, Andy Hirsch, Pam Wishbow,Drew Bardana, Taylor Smith, Zack Sterling, Angelica Blevins, Jon Morris, Kat Verhoeven, Leslie Dorcus, Brett Morgan, Aeron Alfrey, Sage Howard, Sera Stanton, Helen Mask, Rachel Kahn, Laura Harte, Edward J Wright, Daniella Zeman, Sandra Lanz, saprophilous, Vaughn Pinpin, Hamish Steele, Drew Green, Rian Sygh, Kevin Jay Stanton, Chris Haley, and Molly Mendoza