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Living the Line

Living the Line Books is a publisher of dynamic, visually-striking comics and graphic novels, founded in 2020 by writer/illustrator Sean Michael Robinson. Living the Line’s graphic novel debut, The Strange Death of Alex Raymond (Dave Sim and Carson Grubaugh) was recently nominated for an Eisner Award, for “Best Reality-Based Work.”

Living the Line titles include:

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond (Dave Sim and Carson Grubaugh, 2021)
Plaza (Yokoyama Yuichi, translated by Ryan Holmberg, 2022)
Centralia (Miel Vandepitte, 2023)
Exile (Erik Kriek, 2023)
House on Fire (Matt Battaglia, 2023)
Abolition of Man (Carson Grubaugh, 2022-2023(

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Book Signings

Matt Battaglia will be signing House on Fire all day Saturday!

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