How Drawings Resonate: Empathy and Identity in Graphic Memoir September 13, 2020 12:15 pm - 1:05 pm

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Qiana Whitted
G.B. Tran
Erin Williams
Kay Sohini
Jeanette Roan

Cartoonists GB Tran (Vietnamerica) and Erin Williams (Commute) join this roundtable with moderator Qiana Whitted and other scholars (Kay Sohini, Jeanette Roan) from the International Comic Arts Forum (ICAF) to discuss the ways that audience, reception, and “relatability” affect how comics are created, particularly those by women and people of color. How do these artists render hidden on painful experiences on the page in a manner that resonates with readers, while also realizing their own vision for the stories they want to tell? Co-sponsored by the International Comic Arts Forum

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