Shipping Instructions

How to Get Your Stuff Safely to SPX

Can’t fit all your books in your carry-on? Put ’em in a box, write your table number clearly on the box, and ship ’em! Here’s how.

Below is all of the info about shipping, any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Sam and Jamie


1. How much? It’s FREE as long as you follow these directions. If your boxes are not labeled properly, they may be subject to the Marriott’s receiving charge of $10 per box.

2. Will my books be safe? Yes! Shipped boxes will be stored in a locked room on the loading dock. The room is always within eyesight of the security room. If that room gets filled, the boxes will be stored inside the loading dock area, which is also monitored during the day and locked at night.

3. How do I retrieve my shipped boxes? With the use of hotel’s flatbed carts and hand trucks, dedicated SPX volunteers will bring them right to your table on Friday night, so they’ll be waiting for you when you arrive for setup on Saturday morning (9-11 am). It is vital that you follow all of the instructions below to ensure your boxes are placed correctly.

4. What if I need to ship stuff home after the show? You’ll need to contact your carrier of choice (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.) to set up a pickup for the Monday after SPX. See Post-SPX Shipping Procedures below.



1. Address your boxes to:
Small Press Expo c/o [Your Name]
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Convention Center
5701 Marinelli Road
Bethesda, MD 20852

Be sure every box has your name, table number, and return address! Please use the name under which you are exhibiting. Prominently write the table number directly on the boxes with permanent marker. It wouldn’t hurt to put it on the label too.

If you are having your printer ship directly to the hotel, make sure they put your name/table number somewhere on the outside of the box.

2. Schedule your shipment to arrive no earlier than Monday September 10 and no later than Friday September 14.

3. When your your shipment is finalized, fill out this Google Form with the following information.
–  # of boxes
–  Freight Carrier
–  Date of delivery
–  Point of contact phone number in case of issues with shipment
–  Name you are exhibiting under
–  Table number(s)

SPX sends the above to our contact at the Marriott so that they know what’s coming in when.

4. Upon delivery boxes will be counted by the Marriott staff. Any discrepancies between the Google form response and the packing slip will be documented immediately and we will call the point of contact you provided. The boxes will be placed in the secure store room.

5. SPX volunteers will deliver boxes directly to your table on Friday night so that they are ready when you arrive for setup on Saturday morning.



1. Create a new shipment with your carrier of choice.

TO: [Your home/warehouse]

Pick up location:
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Convention Center
5701 Marinelli Road
Bethesda, MD 20852

Pick up date: Monday, September 17.

Print your labels in advance
and have them ready to apply on Sunday evening. Labels should include:
–  Your account number(s)
–  Your tracking numbers(s)
–  Your appropriate return address

2. Check with your carrier that the account numbers and tracking numbers you are using are valid for pick up. If they are not properly registered, your boxes may be lost.

3. After the show closes, bring your packed and labeled boxes to the secured area at the loading dock. SPX volunteers will show you where to go. Carts and dollies will be available.