Hey SPX Creators!!!!

Guess what? Kickstarter is the official sponsor of the 2019 Ignatz Awards!
In celebration of our 25th Birthday, Kickstarter is running Small Press, Big Stories, an initiative that spotlights indie comics creators for the entire month of September!

How it works: If you launch a Kickstarter campaign for a small press or self-published comic or zine in September, your project will be featured in the initiative. You’ll also receive the following:

  • Personal guidance and support on how to setup and run your project with Kickstarter’s Comics Outreach Lead, the fantastic Camilla Zhang
  • Potential promotion in newsletters, social media, and Kickstarter Magazine
  • Kickstarter balloons for your SPX table and your name called out in the Program Guide with a special color, bringing more visibility to you and your tablemates’ amazing work.

Bonus: If you’re selling books that you’ve funded with Kickstarter at SPX, email comics@kickstarter.com by June 30 to get special (and useful) Kickstarter swag for your table!

*Psst! Pass this on to your tablemates so they can participate too!*

Below is a message from Camilla on this very cool support of SPX exhibitors. If you have any questions on how to run a Kickstarter campaign or Small Press, Big Stories, send them to her at comics@kickstarter.com.
Stay tuned, lots more to come on this amazing sponsorship/partnership with Kickstarter!!