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Contact: Warren Bernard

Small Press Expo Announces Kickstarter’s Creator Support for SPX 2019

Bethesda, Maryland – September 10, 2019 Media Release – In addition to its sponsorship of the 2019 Ignatz Awards, Kickstarter is also directly supporting creators at SPX’s 25th Anniversary. SPX is honored to have Camilla Zhang, Kickstarter’s Comics Outreach Lead, along with Product Designer Jenna Leonardo and Senior Engineer Pritika N. on site to provide SPX creators with dedicated consultation as to how to design and launch the best Kickstarter campaigns possible.

Kickstarter is also directing part of its sponsorship to subsidize tables for a selected group of exhibitors at SPX 2019, which was developed in consultation with members of the SPX Executive Committee.

The following SPX exhibitors will have their tables paid for by this most generous Kickstarter sponsorship, with any monies already paid to SPX to be refunded after this years show: 

Shortbox/Zainab Akhtar  Lawrence Lindell Carla Speed McNeil Hazel Newvalent Laura Knetzger Archie Bongiovanni Claire Connelly Richie Pope Maia Kobabe Christina “Steenz” Stewart Henry BarajasRhael McGregor
Ms. Zhang has this to say about this years sponsorship of SPX 2019:

With Kickstarter turning 10 and SPX turning 25 this year, I thought it was particularly auspicious and fitting that we sponsor them. 25 is a really important milestone. Generally, it’s when you start to self-actualize, draw healthier boundaries, and find your voice or style as an artist. And that’s what the SPX spirit embodies to me. Folks from all walks of life come to share work that’s genuine and unabashedly their own. All that comes with a risk, of course, not just emotional and artistic, but financial. 

To that end, I wanted to make sure that some of the sponsorship money went directly to artists who really needed it, so I tapped the SPX team to nominate folks for table subsidies. I only wish that I could have helped everyone, because I know that being a comics creator is not always a lucrative prospect.
Which is why I strive to make myself as available as possible to help comics creators make a better living doing what they love to do.

Small Press Expo is profoundly grateful for Kickstarter’s support of its 25th Anniversary, and its ongoing dedication to the indie comics creator community.

Come to SPX 2019 to celebrate SPX’s 25th Anniversary. There will be 30 special guests, 22 program panels, 14 workshops and over 600 creators/exhibitors, many of whom have used Kickstarter to fund their works.