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Contact: Eden Miller
Bethesda, Maryland – August 8, 2018

Small Press Expo Announces Programming Schedule for SPX 2018

Small Press Expo is pleased to announce the Programming Schedule for SPX 2018. SPX is continuing the festival’s established tradition of rich, thought-provoking programming featuring leading comics artists and critics in conversation. As in previous years, the Programming Schedule features 22 sessions with two simultaneous tracks on both Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16. SPX is proud to have comiXology Originals as the sole sponsor for the Programming Schedule at SPX 2018 and appreciates it’s support of the show. Here are some highlights:

The Universes Of Rebecca Sugar: Rebecca Sugar is a cartoonist, writer, and ukuleleist currently living in Los Angeles. She is the author of the comics Pug Davis, Margo in Dread, Don’t Cry For Me I’m Already Dead, among others. In her free time, Rebecca is also a multiple Annie and Emmy Award-nominated storyboard artist, and creator of the groundbreaking television show, Steven Universe. In this spotlight panel, Rebecca will be interviewed about her groundbreaking series Steven Universe, as well as life in the animation industry, representation in children’s television, and her own personal history with comics & zines. Rebecca will be interviewed by Youth in Decline publisher, Ryan Sands.

Trans Memoir: For trans artists, memoir is an especially important form of self-expression. It directly addresses issues related to visibility, and it gives personal narratives related to transitioning a format that allows the artist to explore experiences over time. It also empowers creators by giving them total control over how they choose to depict themselves pictorially. Moderator Sara L. Jewell will explore these and other topics with panelists Carta Monir (Secure Connect), L. Nichols (Flocks), Maia Kobabe (Genderqueer), Gabriel Howell (Father) and Julia Kaye (Up And Out).

Derf Presents My Friend Dahmer Screening and Q&A: Join creator Derf in a showing of the critically acclaimed film made from his international best-selling graphic novel, My Friend Dahmer. Derf will talk about the process of getting the graphic novel made into a film, as well as take questions after the screening. The book has been translated into over a dozen languages and won the prestigious Angouléme Prize in 2014. Comics historian and SPX Executive Director Warren Bernard will host Derf and the screening.

Look Back and Laugh: Youth and Autobiography: Our renowned panelists Dash Shaw (New School), Kat Fajardo (Gringa!), Carta Monir (Secure Connect) and Nate Powell (Come Again) have all created beautiful books about the trials and triumphs of youth. Here with moderator Johanna Draper Carlson, they discuss what goes into making a book that’s meant to capture the authenticity of an era you only see in hindsight.

Cutting Up–Julie Doucet’s Reinventions from Dirty Plotte to Carpet Sweeper Tales: With her medium-defining comic Dirty Plotte now set to be available to fans in full for the first time since its original serialization, SPX is honored to host Julie Doucet for a conversation about her long and varied artistic career. At the forefront of a generation of artists whose work bridged the gap between the self-published underground of zines and minicomics and the alternative comics peddled by independent houses, Doucet’s career nevertheless refuses to settle into one medium. Feminist media scholar Rachel Miller will join Julie for a free-wheeling exploration of her work from comics to collages, dreams to diaries, and all the talking Tampax and rowdy alley cats in between.

Jules Feiffer–When A Legend Lives In The Shadows: Don’t miss comics’ greatest living Renaissance man! How do you top yourself after your work has received the Academy Award and the Pulitzer Prize — and you’ve been inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame? In the case of legendary Jules Feiffer, you enjoy a creative rejuvenation after age 80 by diving into noir graphic novels. Feiffer concludes his acclaimed noir trilogy with the new book The Ghost Script. Feiffer and moderator Michael Cavna, columnist/cartoonist at The Washington Post, will delve into Feiffer’s new burst of inspiration, including sci-fi fantasies for young readers, and cartooning in the age of Trump.

See the whole 2018 Programming Schedule for SPX!

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