SPX Online Registration Walkthrough

The Walkthrough

Welcome to our online Table/Badge Payment System preview!

Moving SPX’s payment process for your tables and badges to an online system was a huge step for us. It will make things easier for all of us.

A few points before we move onwards:

– We will only be taking Paypal and checks/money orders. Sorry, the credit card companies wanted too much of our money. We figured it was better pay for good food at the Exhibitor Meet and Greet than give it to a large corporation.

– You will need to have a Logon before you can get to the various Exhibitor functions, such as paying for your tables and submitting debuts.

We’ve prepared the following walkthrough out of an overabundance of caution. We want everyone to see the tool they’ll be using in advance and to explain a few of the quirks you might encounter in reserving your table.

Step One: Get a Logon ID/Password – And Logon!

Step Two: Fill Your Cart

Step Three: Enter Registration Information

Step Four: Processing Your Payment

Step Five: Sweet, Sweet Victory

If you have any additional questions based on what you see here, send us a note.

Thanks a ton for coming to the show, we really appreciate it!


Questions about Online Registration?

Email: exhibitors@spxpo.com or visit the online FAQ.