Online Registration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About SPX Online Registration


We’ve tried to anticipate most of the obvious questions about SPX’s new online registration system below.

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When do tables for SPX 2013 go on sale?

SPX online exhibitor registration begins Sunday March 17th, 2013 at NOON EDT.


How do I reserve table space at SPX?

Tables can be reserved starting March 17th at


We will release the registration link via and @spxcomics as well as the exhibitors email list at NOON on the 17th.


How much do SPX tables cost?

Table costs are calculated in half table increments.  They run $150 per half table (3 feet) which includes one exhibitor badge.


So, buying two half tables would equal one six foot table at $300 and the purchase would include two exhibitor badges.


Will the online registration process be live, or will we have to wait for a response to find out if tables are available?

 Yes, the online registration will be live. You’ll know right away that you have a space reserved.


How many exhibitor badges come with a table?

One exhibitor badge comes with each half table.


Can more than one person share a half table?

Yes absolutely! But keep in mind the half table is three feet of frontage and comes with one chair.


Extra folks may want to bring something to sit on (we’re not allowed any additional chairs) or you might consider taking shifts behind the table.


Can I buy more exhibitor badges that what come with my tables?

Additional exhibitor badges can be purchased during your table registration for $10 per badge.


You will have the option during online registration to include name info for all purchased badges.


Do I have to buy extra badges in advance?

 No. Extra badges can also be purchased the weekend of SPX at exhibitor check-in. Same $10 price.


But if you order them in advance and provide us names, we can pre-print swank tags for your posse.


Can I cancel my table order?

Yes, absolutely. There is plenty of time between the opening of table registration and SPX.


Does SPX give refunds if I cannot use my table?

 Yes. No hassle refunds will be provided minus the initial credit card transaction fee.


How many tables are available?

Approximately 280 half tables / 140 tables will be available via online registration.


As we lock down the room for 2013 some additional slots may become available.


How do you decide who gets a table?

SPX operates on a first come / first serve basis.  We recommend not waiting to register.


What if I don’t get a table? Is there a wait list?

Once our initial table inventory is sold we will switch to a wait list online form.


People really do get in from the wait list! And more tables may yet open up as we configure the room and tweak the layout.


Don’t sleep on the wait list is what I’m saying (and please know that turning anyone away from SPX is the absolute worst part of this gig).


What are the payment options?

SPX accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express (you have NO IDEA how good it feels to say that!).


PayPal will also be available via the online registration system and we will continue to accept checks.


Can I ask to be placed near someone else?

Yes. There will be a form field for providing this info with the rest of your registration stuff.


We’ll do our best to accommodate these requests.


What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

Please email:, or or hit us up via Twitter or Tumblr.


We’ll note the issue and do our best to promptly resolve it for you.


Will you charge my credit card immediately?

More or less. We expect payments to be processed at the end of each business day.


What if need to change my information?

No worries. If the change involves canceling part of your order, changing badges names, misspellings, etc. please contact to resolve the issue rather than going back into the registration system. All of this is stuff that will be best handled after initial registration has been completed.


Need to make additional purchases?  Just re-enter the registration system and make a second order.


Can I get a look at this registration system in advance?

Why yes you can, via our handy Online Registration Walkthrough. In fact, we recommend it.


Did we overlook something?  
Almost certainly! We’d love to add your questions to the FAQ so contact MDT for updates.
He’s usually lurking around on Tumblr or Twitter. So hit him up.

And good luck on Sunday everybody!