Online Registration Walkthrough: Step Four

Step Four: Processing Your Payment

After submitting your registration information, you’ll be ready for one final review of your shopping cart.

Looks good? OK, on to select the Payment method

Select Payment Method

We are only using Paypal as an online order payment method, but you can also pay by Check or Money Order via snailmail.

At the bottom of the Registration Page is a final view of your Shopping Cart, as well as the links to pay for your stuff, as you can see below:

Paypal Order

If you select Paypal and hit the Place Order button, you will be taken to their site to complete your order.

If you want to pay by Check or Money Order, it will look like this, and you will still need to hit the Place Order button:

Check or Money Order

After hitting Confirm and Pay you are ready for Step Five: Sweet, Sweet Victory.


Online Registration Walkthrough

Step One: Pick Your Payment
Step Two: Fill Your Cart
Step Three: Enter Registration Information
Step Four: Processing Your Payment (You are here)
Step Five: Sweet, Sweet Victory


Questions about Online Registration?

Email:, or hit us up via Twitter or Tumblr. But before you do that, check the handy dandy FAQ.