Online Registration Walkthrough: Step One

Step One: Get Your Logon ID/Password and Logon!

OK, so the first order of business is for you to get a logon ID and password. Anyone who got a logon id and password last year, will need to get a new one, sorry about that.

But, this new logon ID will not only allow you to pay for your tables/badges, it will also be what you will use to submit your debuts, when that opens up this Summer.

Here is what you will see when you go to the Signin Screen.

This is the screen you will use to get into the system to pay for stuf and enter your debuts (coming this Summer!!) once you get your logon ID and password.

Logon-Old Account

Once you fill out the below, you will get an e-mail with your password, and away you go!!

Logon-New Account

And if you want to change your Password, once you login go to here and scroll to the bottom of the page to change it.

If that’s your pick, you’re ready for Step Two: Fill Your Cart.


Online Registration Walkthrough:

Step One: Get Your Logon ID/Password and Logon!!
Step Two: Fill Your Cart
Step Three: Enter Registration Information
Step Four: Processing Your Payment
Step Five: Sweet, Sweet Victory


Questions about Online Registration?

Email:, or hit us up via Twitter or Tumblr. But before you do that, check the handy dandy FAQ.