Hello Everyone!

The SPX 2019 Lottery is now open! Head here to apply. Nothing new from last year, but a few things to remember:

Applications are due February 25 at 5pm EST and will not be accepted afterwards.

We will not be picking the randomized lottery winners until after all applications have been received; this means there is no benefit to applying early or late (except maybe peace of mind).

You can only apply for the lottery once, and multiple entries will result in being removed from the lottery pool (unless you email us and tell us you accidentally clicked twice or something, we do have a heart!).

While we allow table sharing, there is a limit of two people per half table without approval, so be aware of that when requesting a full or half table. The hotel has a hard occupancy cap on the hall and if everyone tries to fit 8 people at a table, we’ll exceed it.

We will be checking to make sure you make or publish comics, so if you’re exclusively an illustrator, novelist, cosplayer or anime figure retailer (we get them) we reserve the right to remove you from the pool.

Hit us up on InstagramTwitter, or  Facebook for a quick reply. We’re also happy to chat if you email us at exhibitor-inquiries@smallpressexpo.com .

Best of luck to everyone!

For full details, visit SPX 2019 Exhibitor Table Info & Schedule.


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