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Snathan is a shy teen obsessed with all things vampire. When a dark duo of mysterious bloodsuckers slithers into town, Snathan attempts to muster up the strength to meet them.

Cooking with Dr. Taquito

Dr. Taquito is bringing his evil ways to SPX in the form of awesome cooking tips! Learn how to keep avocado fresh through suffocation, how to peel the skin off of ginger and more with Dr. T’s 20 tip mini comic.

Donut Lotto

A diorama comic by Cuddles and Rage about the dangerous downsides encountered by Donut after winning the lottery.


16 pages of the downwardly-spiraling friendship between a bar of soap and the man who used him.  You may never shower the same way again.


Santaconda tells the slithery tale of a long-forgotten Christmastime terror.  While Santa Claus aims to reward boys and girls for good behavior, Santaconda takes careful note of each misstep all for his sinister, hunger-fueled plan.  20 pages, full color.