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The Small Press Expo is run by the following volunteers:

Warren Bernard – Executive Director

Michael Thomas  – Assistant Executive Director

Catherine Fraas – Treasurer

Sam Marx – Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator

Rob Clough – Programming Director

Alice Santos – Programming Development and Operations

Teppi Zuppo – Programming Development and Operations

Linda Bernard  – SPX Special Guest Coordinator

Bailey Kung – Program Guide Coordinator/Designer

Erik Dunham – Web Site Support and Festival Day Operations

Geoff Seiler – Hotel and Exhibitor Management

Yitzy Paul  – Festival Day Operations

Francesca Lynn – Ignatz Awards Ceremony Coordinator

Devon Sanders – Volunteer Training

Meagan LeBlanc  – Ignatz Support

Rusty Rowly – Print Collateral Coordinator

Joe Mochove – Ignatz and Communications Support

Tom Berard – A/V Coordinator

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