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In A Word: Trans

“This book chronicles my transition. It’s messy and emotional, like me! I hope it helps you understand yourself, or maybe a trans friend better. That’s why I do it, you know!”

Substitute Familiar Stories

“Thing is,” Penelope said as she started filling another bottle, “true names have layers. There’s an indelible core that you can’t change. Well, that you absolutely shouldn’t change. But there’s lots of wrapping around it that’s affected by all sorts of things. Age, injuries, cosmetic choices… Some of it sticks, some of it doesn’t. Depends on the spell. Some of it’s impossible to change. Some of it’s just really hard to change.” She put the steaming potion aside, moving on to the next one. “Hard, but not impossible.”

Limp Wrist

Limp Wrist is the story of a woman looking back at her childhood, and her memories of growing up misgendered and being bullied for acting feminine. It was written by Scout Wolfcave, adapted and drawn by Penina Gal, and published for the first time in full-color by Paper Rocket Minicomics.


Eik is a 52-page saga low on words and high on conflict. The diamond-shaped hero, Eik, struggles with identity within a society where meaning is derived hierarchically from form.  Ultimately, Eik must discover what it means to express their true identity when the world has placed them in a box of suffocating wrongness. Action, intrigue, existential More Info »