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Horror Of The Everyday

Horror Of The Everyday

09/09/2023 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm | White Oak Room

Sometimes, the most effective horror stories aren’t about jump scares and blood. Sometimes, they spring out of mundane and everyday situations, slowly turning reality into something terrifying. Be it a dog that slowly takes over someone’s life, demons silently interfering with a couple, or a woman’s desperate need for motherhood driving her to terrifying extremes, the horror of the everyday is often the most terrifying because it feels so familiar. Join moderator Dr. Rachel S. Miller along with panelists Nicole Goux (Pet Peeves), Julia Gfrörer (Too Dark To See, Vision), Beth Hetland (Tender), and King Ray (Phonestoned) as they explore their own takes on horror.

Panelists: Nicole Goux, Julia Gfrörer, Beth Hetland, King Ray

Special Guests: Nicole Goux

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