The SPX Team

The Small Press Expo is run by the following volunteers:

Warren Bernard – Executive Director
Michael Thomas  – Assistant Executive Director, Overlord of the SPX Social Media Empire
Sam Marx  and Jamie Johnson – He & She Who Rule The Exhibitor Room With An Iron Fist Wrapped In Velvet

Eden Miller  – Director of Public Relations
Dan Stafford  – Imperator of the Ignatz Awards
Megan Raley, Baily Kung and Yitzy Paul  – The Vicars of Volunteers
Danithan Mejia – High Priest of Programming

Catherine Fraas – 
Director of The SPX Graphic Novel Gift Program
Linda Bernard  – Director SPX Special Guest Concierge Service

The above people are kept on a tight leash by the SPX Steering Committee:

Sarah Burnett
Rusty Rowley
Joe Mochove
Greg Bennett
Meagan LeBlanc
Francesca Lyn
Charles Brownstein, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Tom Berard