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PETER POPLASKI (Artist), Denis Kitchen (Editor)

SPX Table M-2


Published by Denis Kitchen Publishing Co., LLC

All Ages

Category: Biography

Only one authenticated photo of beloved poet EMILY DICKINSON exists, but master mimic PETER POPLASKI has created a set of twelve all-new POSTCARD PORTRAITS not only in his own style but convincing others AS IF by painters Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Amadeo Modigliani; caricaturists David Levine and Al Hirschfeld; turn-of-century stylist Charles Dana Gibson (the “Gibson Girl”); and —God save us!!—cartoonists Ernie Bushmiller and Basil Wolverton!! Toss in a mezzotint and an un-shy “modern” Belle of Amherst who embraces social media and merchandising and you have an even DOZEN remarkable portraits, all distinctively and charmingly Emily!

4″ x 6″ postcards on heavy stock with color. Single cards $1.50 each, full set shrink-wrapped $14.95

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