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Goodbye Cloud Town High (early digital release)

Daniel McCloskey

SPX Table W8


Published by Studio BeanCan

Young Adult (13–17 years old)

Category: Fantasy

High above the Pacific Ocean, there’s a chunk of another world jutting from a tear in the fabric of the universe. It’s home to giant monsters and mad scientists, but it’s also home to normal kids trying to live a normal life. Kids like Olive, Queen of the nerds, and Pen Skater Kid-in-Chief at Cloud Town high. These two polar opposites collide will they become best friends or mortal enemies?
Praise for Cloud Town:
“Weirdly and unexpectedly wonderful.” -Kirkus Reviews
“McCloskey’s detailed art does a great job of emphasizing the emotional highs and lows of high school and mech combat. The gritty, textured look makes the characters and settings feel real and helps create a seamless transition between reality and the more fantastical elements of this adventure.” -School Library Journal
“Meet Daniel McCloskey – a bold, new cartooning voice! Cloud Town is a beast! It’s original. It’s different. It’s full of energy and life! Kaiju, skateboarding, manga, YA, so many ideas, and great cartooning! This is a special graphic novel. It feels like the future.” -Jim Rugg: The PLAIN Janes, Street Angel, Hulk Grand Design, Cartoonist Kayfabe channel

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