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emuh ruh, zhuchka (series editors)

SPX Table I1


Published by Glacier Bay Books

All Ages

Category: Other

The Glaeolia anthology series has been described by readers as “the work that put [Glacier Bay Books] on the map”. Each volume from the series consists of a curated variety of compelling, stylistically varied, and completely self-contained (at least, so far) stories, many from artists that have never before had their work read or published outside of Japan and their local small press scene. The second volume won the 2021 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Anthology, receiving a measure of wider recognition. The first volume, which released in a risograph-printed edition of 300 in Summer/Fall 2020 and promptly sold out almost immediately, has remained unavailable until now. The series debut, and containing some of the more beloved stories to be collected in GLAEOLIA even now such as “Watching the House”, “Meeting at Mandarake”, “Sansu’s Bottles”, and more, this volume is also the first appearance in English of artists such as ARANTOOCHIKA, KAWAKATSU TOKUSHIGE, MOGCOM, MORIIZUMI TAKEHITO, MORITA RUI, OKUDA AKIKO, ONTA NIWAKO, and YOSOMACHI, while also featuring several cult favorite indie manga authors very rarely seen in English such as HIUCHI TANA and YAMAKAWA NAOTO. A star studded release, Glaeolia 1 opens up for interested English readers a new and relatively unexplored view into the contemporary world of manga.

Issue 1 includes the following contributors:
Mori Masayuki | Arantoochika | Hiuchi tana | Kawakatsu Tokushige | Masumura Jūshichi | mogcom | Moriizumi Takehito | Morita Rui | Okuda Akiko | Onta Niwako | Shinnosuke Saika | Yamakawa Naoto | Yosomachi

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