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Puppet School Homework

Keren Katz

SPX Table B3


Published by Self

Adults Only

Category: Autobiographical, Diary, and Other

“ Puppet School Homework” is an ongoing journal I have kept since I started studying object theatre, clowning and puppetry. I fill my sketchbook with notes of all the theatrical performances which have inspired me, past and present, the ones I go to see again and again, or revisit in my dreams. I practice clowning everyday: I fall , I bump into doors and slip on stairs, I drop things, I wear stuff……I am becoming an amphibious creature slipping away from a violent reality into the most serious of sillinesses. Through the act of drawing, I pay tribute to my self appointed mentors, I fall in love, I remember, I articulate my disproportionate emotional reactions to pieces of cloth on sticks, I process the assignments given to us, at Puppet School, by our teachers and I document my own progression, as I strive to, one day, create a puppet show of my own.

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