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The Disasters #1 SPX Cover

Micah Myers, Javier Martín Caba, Meg Casey, Fred C. Stresing, and Mike Exner III

SPX Table F3


Published by Loophole Comics

Middle School (9–12 years old)

Category: Other

Exclusive SPX cover by Cartoonist Extraordinaire, Mason Dickerson (Housecat Trouble) Only 25 copies printed! Does the superstar artist on the cover plus the scarcity mean that it will be worth money one day? Let’s be honest, probably not, but it is a cool unique comic that will make your friends jealous. That also may be an exaggeration.
Four D-List villains are brought together when they luck into killing a superhero. Now they band together to try and survive the aftermath in this disastrously funny action-packed comic.
Written and Lettered by Micah Myers (2x Ringo Nominee for Best Letterer)
Art by Javier Martin Caba (Blood Brothers, The Atomic Victory Squad, and Social Fiends)
Colors by Meg Casey and Fred C. Stresing (Adventure Time, Invader Zim, and Rick and Morty)
Edited by Mike Exner III (Skullgirls, MoonRise, and Adamant)

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