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The Web of Dreams

Andrew Taylor

SPX Table G3


Published by Andrew Taylor

All Ages

Category: Fantasy

The Plane of Dreams: A disparate series of quasi-real demi-planes between the waking and unwaking worlds where all subconscious sleeping thoughts both common and unique take form.

Between those thoughts, those dreams, those hopes and aspirations, those nightmares and terrors, lie innumerable connecting pathways upon which all sentient minds do travel. These pathways connect the vast and ever expanding well of collective thought to each and every mind that dreamed them. Every being in the multiverse large and small, hopeful and terrible, together or alone is connected here along the subconscious highway called…The Web of Dreams.

The Web of Dreams is a 5E compatible zine to expand your table top into the plane of Dreams. It features 5 new playable races and 1 new class: The Shaman. With 3 subclasses: Nature Spirits, Altered State, and Ancestors.

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