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Your work can only be submitted for 1 of these mutually exclusive Award Categories

Minicomic– This category includes both one-shots and series. Minicomics are defined as comics that are not “professionally” published. Minicomics are usually printed at the local copy store or via a risograph, hand stapled, and predominantly self-distributed and are not solicited through major distributors.

Comic – A comic nominated in this category should represent the best marriage of both art and story in a single issue of a comic that are professionally published in the floppy comic format familiar to superhero comics and such larger publications as Love and Rockets..

Online Comic – This category is for web based comics. A nominee in this category can be an individual comic, continuing storyline comic or strips. For a work to be eligible in this category it must be published on the web prior to appearing in print format. Nominated sites must also adhere to the same publishing timeline as the categories for print material.

  • Works posted on web pages outside the timeline are not eligible. Nominated sites can utilize animation but should still be recognizable as a comic (“If you read it, it’s a comic. If you watch it, it’s animation.” is the best guide for how much animation is too much).

Graphic Novel – This is for one continuous story by a single artist or artist-write combination of at least 64 pages that has not been previously published as a series.

Anthology – This award recognizes a book or other collection of selected writings by multiple artists or multiple artist/writer combinations.

Collection – This award recognizes a book of either:

A) Selected shorter comics from various prior publications or online by the same artist or artist/writer combination or

B) A serialized story or part of a story that was previously released in separate parts, either as individual comics or parts of prior anthologies by the same artist or artist/writer combination.

If this is part of a series, please put in which issue number next to the title.
If self-published, enter Self.
Creator(s) are for illustrator and writer, if they are two different people. Editor(s) are for Collections and Anthology submissions.
By giving the dimensions of your submission, it will aid the judges so they can better picture the size of the submission.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
You have the option of uploading up to three 1MB photos of your submission. This will allow the judges to visualize the printed version and provide a feel as to the production aspects of your work.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
– FILE NAMING CONVENTION: CreatorLastName.CreatorFirstName.Title.IssueNumber (IF NEEDED).Publisher.PubMonthPubYear.pdf. PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH THE UPLOAD. It takes a few seconds for it to connect, then about 1-2 minutes for larger files above 75 meg to get uploaded. Wait until the Submit button turns the darker grey before pressing it, then you are good to go!!
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