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Silver Sprocket

Silver Sprocket is a San Francisco based publisher, gallery, and retail shop championing socially conscious and independently produced comic books, graphic novels, and related arts.

We are thrilled to have at least EIGHTEEN of our cartoonists present at SPX this year including special guest Raeghan Buchanan along with Caroline Cash and Alex Krokus hanging out at our table.

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SPX Table J1-2


Matchmaker by Cam Marshall

Grog the Frog: The Book of Taurus by Alba BG and Davilorium

——— ——- by -.-. (Details tba)

Elsewhere on the SPX floor:

Of Thunder and Lightning by Kimberly Wang @ J7

LSBN by Emma Jayne @ W28B

Snakepit’s Big Adventure by Ben Snakepit @ J3B

Ride at Your Own Risk by Sarah Maloney @ F6B

Rituals by Nicole Goux @ N2A

Prokaryote Season by Leo Fox @ D12B

Golden Record by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell @ W4A

Book Signings

Raeghan Buchanan
Saturday: 1pm-2pm
Sunday: 2pm-3pm

Check back for scheduled signings with

  • Alex Krokus
  • Cam Marshall
  • and more tba

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