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Top Shelf Productions

Top Shelf Productions was founded at SPX 1997 and has developed into one of the key U.S. publishers of independent comics & graphic novels. With robust mix of debut talents, acclaimed veterans, and iconic public figures, Top Shelf publishes books for old and young that combine visual charm and narrative accessibility with literary sophistication and depth.

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SPX Table W56-W59


Cosmoknights Book 2 by Hannah Templer

F.A.R.M. System by Rich Koslowski

Funny Things: A Comic Strip Biography of Charles M. Schulz by Luca Debus & Francesco Matteuzzi

Lisa Cheese and Ghost Guitar (Book 1): Attack of the Snack by Kevin Alvir

The Second Fake Death of Eddie Campbell & The Fate of the Artist by Eddie Campbell

Shelley Frankenstein! (Book 1): Cowpiggy by Colleen Madden

Book Signings

Visit our booth to meet seven outstanding creators:

Plus many more Top Shelf authors around the floor — including Jared Cullum, Jess Fink, Jennifer Hayden, Peter & Maria Hoey, and Casey Nowak!

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