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SPX Will Return in 2022

The Small Press Expo will return, live and in person, September 17-18, 2022.

It feels really good to share those words with you.
It would feel even better to say that the pandemic (and all the concern and uncertainty it brings with it) is behind us. It would feel really, really good to be able to say those words. 

But we’re not there yet.

So, before getting into the details of our 2022 exhibitor registration process along with some attendee information, we want to share a little bit about where we stand with regard to COVID-19 safety precautions.


SPX plans to take a variety of measures to help ensure that we can provide as safe an environment as possible for our exhibitors, guests, and attendees. For this year’s in-person show, SPX will have the following COVID protocols in place:

For SPX Volunteers and Staff

  • Volunteers and staff must provide proof of vaccination to participate onsite
  • Volunteers and staff must abide by social distancing measures while on shift
  • Masks will be mandatory in all indoor SPX spaces, except while eating or drinking

For Exhibitors and Special Guests

  • Exhibitors must provide proof of vaccination to receive their SPX badge
  • Exhibitors will be limited 2 people per table allowed on the floor at any one time
  • Masks will be mandatory in all indoor SPX spaces, except while eating or drinking

For Attendees

  • Attendees must provide proof of vaccination to receive their badge
  • Masks will be mandatory in all indoor SPX spaces, except while eating or drinking
  • We are exploring the possible use of timed attendee tickets to help alleviate crowding

Additional Measures Under Consideration

The risks, and risk factors, for COVID-19 have continued to evolve and, with many months until showtime, it is likely that our safety measures will need to evolve as well. We will update the SPX community periodically with our status for both the show and our COVID protocols.

Over the next few months, we will explore whether we should require a negative COVID test within 48 hours of SPX as a condition of attending the show. We know that both rapid antigen (at home) tests and PCR (lab reviewed) tests are costly and hard to come by in many locations. We will assess the additional margin of safety these measures could provide against the practicality and feasibility of their use.

We will also work with the Marriott over the course of the next several months to ensure the availability of sanitization supplies and masks, as well as the necessary equipment and logistical planning to enable proper social distancing in our meeting rooms, lines, etc.


One positive with regard to the pandemic is that SPX takes place in Montgomery County, Maryland, one of the most highly vaccinated areas in the United States. 

Based in part on these high vaccination numbers, currently, the Montgomery County Department of Health and the State of Maryland are allowing large functions at the Marriott, with mask wearing required except in the small breakout rooms and eating areas.

We will remain engaged with the Montgomery County Health Department on our plans for SPX 2022. Barring a decision from the county to halt large events such as ours, we feel confident in our ability to move forward with the show, and in your ability to plan accordingly. 


Following is our planned schedule for opening table registration for SPX 2022:

March 4 – Invitations to publishers and creators sent

March 20 – Table lottery opens

March 28 – Table lottery closes

Week of April 4 – Lottery winners contacted

Mid-April – Hotel room block information sent to all table holders

We have not yet determined the timeframe to provide payment for exhibitor tables. We expect May at the earliest and we’ll confirm the date with everyone by the first of March.


  • Advance tickets will go on sale no earlier than late June, with availability dependent upon the state of the pandemic.
  • For those attendees coming from out of town, the hotel room block will be made available the first week in May. 
  • We may limit room capacities for panels and workshops. Sign-up forms for workshops will be available in August. 


The return of SPX has been a long time coming. Thank you for sticking with us and supporting us. We are, as you know, a small team who volunteer our time year-round to make the Small Press Expo possible. Your kind words and encouragement, even as we have all struggled through the last few years, have been incredibly meaningful. 

We are glad to be back. And we can’t wait to see you.

Stay safe and hope to see you in September,

The SPX Executive Committee

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