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ANANKE: The Prologue

Natalie Raffaele (Creator & Author) /Yishan Li (Lead Artist) / Julia Quiceno (Lead Revisionist) / Matt Pavone (Lead Editor)

SPX Table B10


Published by Raffish Press

All Ages

Category: Fantasy and Horror

Science and Spirituality.
Man and Machine.
Can they exist in harmony?
The human race has done it.
They’ve perfected artificial intelligence – an independent being that can think and emote entirely on its own.
It can learn and create.
It possesses, for the first time, a personal magnetism.
They are called ConneXions…
Created by Latimer Industries, the ConneXion Series gets its innovation from one singular attribute: crystal technology. These carefully chosen silicon features are crafted to give each A.I. its unique function and personality.
But despite this staggering achievement, the company is not satisfied. They push the limits of what is possible. They need more from their creation. Five ConneXions are assigned to lead a space expedition to ANANKE, an icy dwarf planet hidden near the Asteroid Belt.
The mission? To find a potential environment suitable for human habitation. We are introduced to the off-world crew in the middle of an urgent deep-sea exploration. On this quest, a discovery is made that will alter the fate of both man and machine. There’s no escape, no turning back, as our ConneXions grapple with the uncovered knowledge of this alien landscape!

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