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The City

Choi David, Dicky Siregard, Dave Praetorius

SPX Table C7


Published by SERAZARD

Adults Only

Category: Fantasy

War is in the air once again as organized crime syndicates of the Inner and Outer City clash to fight for power and vengeance. Jericho, an aging ex-militia general that kept the peace of the City finds that his heroic feats are long forgotten, while K, a charismatic leader from the slums rises to seek revenge. As guerrilla warfare ignites and unimaginable terror blazes through the City, Jericho begins to realize that it may not be as simple as it used to be.

‘The City’ is a crime action tale set in a dystopian mega city intended for but not limited to teenagers and young adults. It’s inspired by 80’s-90’s gangster and sci-fi films, as well as manga and comics of the same era. Started as a passion project in Toronto during the pandemic amongst sub-culture geeks, ‘The City’ is making its first international debut at SPX 2023. Interested readers can read it for free online at the official website, or visit table C7 to help support the project.

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