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Brooklyn Tattoo: The Graphic Novel

Adam Suerte with guest artists Sophie Crumb, Mark Bodē, Jason Mitchell and Myke Maldonado

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Published by Urban Folk Art® Studios/ Self

Adults Only

Category: Autobiographical

Brooklyn Tattoo is a self-published graphic novel depicting Adam Suerte’s 20+ years as a NY tattoo artist and shop owner. It is the true story that covers over 30 years beginning with Adam graduating art school, starting an artist collective, apprenticing in tattooing in the late 90’s just as tattooing is becoming legal in NY, finishing off with the 20+ years he’s spent tattooing and co-owning a tattoo shop in Brooklyn. It goes on to describe the trials and tribulations of small business ownership at a time when social media was just being born. It also gets into the 7 year rise and fall of his Urban Folk Art® Gallery adjacent to the tattoo shop, vindictive corporate landlords, exclusionary real estate agents, and so much more.
There are 4 guest artists who are part of the story as well, contributing their own pages describing their own memories of their time at the shop. The guest artists are

Sophie Crumb
Mark Bodē
Jason Mitchel
Myke Maldonado.

Brooklyn Tattoo the Graphic Novel
Self Published
154 pages
ISBN- 979-8-218-13223-1

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