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Prism Stalker: The Weeping Star

Sloane Leong

SPX Table W71B


Published by Dark Horse Comics

Adults Only

Category: Fantasy

The follow up to the hit series Prism Stalker!

The planet Eriatarka grows more inhospitable as it’s colonization at the hand of the Chorus continues.

Vep and her fellow students are reaching the end of their basic combat training in the pneumatic arts and begin to exercise their abilities outside the colony-city of Elefstris. Their objective: subdue the unruly planet bent on scouring the Chorus’ presence from its surface. But what exactly are they subjugating? And what will the cost of conquering be?


“Prism Stalker rewires your brain with every page turn, leaving you both entranced by its invention and emboldened by its indignation. This is big-idea sci-fi of the highest order, and a rare depiction of the alien that feels truly and thoroughly ALIEN.”—Ezra Clayton Daniels, author of Upgrade Soul and BTTM FDRS.

“The most visually innovative graphic novel in years, PRISM STALKER pairs stunning art with a richly layered sci-fi thriller about the young scouts caught between a colonial empire telling them less than the truth and a planet that is more than it seems. Book of the year, hands down.”—Alex de Campi, creator of Dracula, Motherf**ker! and Twisted Romance

“Reading this book is a mindful experience. It demands your awareness, and like all great science fiction it will have you contemplating your own world and the roles we play in it. Sloane Leong’s Prism Stalker is a comic and its creator transcends, and we come out better for it.”—Nick Dragotta, creator of Ghost Cage and co-creator of East of West

“Electrifying and hallucinatory, Prism Stalker: The Weeping Star is like a psychic bomb exploding in your conscience. It’s a nuanced meditation on settler colonialism in space. But it’s also a mind-blowing, eyeball-melting trip through biological cities and sentient planets, full of flesh-ripping battles and satisfyingly incomprehensible alien life. The gorgeous, wild characters in this book will blast their way into your heart and refuse to leave.”—Annalee Newitz, author of The Terraformers and Autonomous

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