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Denis Kitchen

SPX Table M-2


Published by Tinto Press (Denver)

Adults Only

Category: Fantasy

CREATURES FROM THE SUBCONSCIOUS is the newest collection of unusual art by underground comix pioneer DENIS KITCHEN, featuring his unique surrealistic drawings on “chipboard.” Drawn without pencil prelims or any aforethought, the spontaneous images are created on the unforgiving pulpy surface of chipboard, the stiff backer board on legal pads and similar. The wide variety of imaginary sea life, giant insects, skeletal remains, puzzling monsters, and deformed humans defy any simple categorization. Published by Tinto Press, with an introduction by Peter Poplaski, and a foreword by Kitchen. Designed by Ted Intorcio. The 170-page deluxe 10-inch x 10 inch hardcover reproduces more than 160 oddly compelling images.
“Every drawing tells a story as madly vulnerable and deviantly brilliant (and as freaking funny) as the genius who translated them into nightmare-worthy form… Imagine if ELEGANCE was itself a being and imagine that you could split ELEGANCE open, stem to stern, and fill ELEGANCE’s beautiful corpse with the funniest, most vulnerable and most enchanting creatures…. Imagine if the beings of this twisted Seussian Kitchen-world adopted you as their very own child and told you their demented secrets… These are the unselfconsciously virtuosic drawings of master draughtsman Denis Kitchen.”—EMIL FERRIS (My Favorite Thing is Monsters)
“After a half century of creativity and innovation, Denis Kitchen can still surprise and delight us. These marvelous, meticulous abstract drawings are an inspiring peek into a brain that just never stops. And best of all, they’re great fun. I can’t stop looking at them!” — DERF BACKDERF (My Friend Dahmer)

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